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Preprints 2009

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1. [prepr200901Gon]
Gamma convergence of an energy functional related to the fractional Laplacian
Maria del Mar González Nogueras
arxiv:0805.3869v2, 37 pages.

2. [prepr200902Pas]
Emmy Noether i l'algebraïtzació de la topologia
Pere Pascual
Conferència impartida dins la Jornada Noether a la Facultat de Matemàtiques i Estadística, UPC. 18-02-2009.
PDF version (295 Kb), 18 pages.

3. [prepr200903GuaHMS]
An analytical approach to codimension-2 sliding bifurcations in the dry friction oscillator
M. Guàrdia, S.J. Hogan, Tere M-Seara
Abstract,   PDF version (426 Kb), 30 pages.
Publication: 2010 [pub1001GuaHMS]

4. [prepr200904GuaOMS]
Exponentially small splitting for the pendulum: a classical problem revisited
M. Guàrdia, C. Olivé, Tere M-Seara
Abstract,   PDF version (648 Kb), 79 pages
Publication: 2010 [pub1001GuaOMS]
5. [prepr200905LuqV ]
Numerical computation of rotation numbers of quasi-periodic planar curves
A. Luque, J. Villanueva
Abstract,   PDF version (7.053 Kb), 39 pages

6. [prepr200906ChaGGK]
Global existence and uniqueness of solutions to a model of price formation
Lincoln Chayes, Maria del Mar Gonzalez, Maria Pia Gualdani, Inwon Kim
Abstract,   PDF version (285 Kb), 26 pages

7. [prepr200907HamP]
Suites Spectrales
Hinda Hamraoui, Pere Pascual
Abstract,   PDF version (463 Kb), 65 pages

8. [prepr200908CabT]
Positive solutions of nonlinear problems involving the square root of the Laplacian
Xavier Cabré, Jinggang Tan
Abstract,   PDF version (406 Kb), 43 pages

9. [prepr200909CabR]
Front propagation in Fisher-KPP equations with fractional diffusion
Xavier Cabré, Jean-Michel Roquejoffre
Abstract,   PDF version (127 Kb), 9 pages

10. [prepr200910GuaMST]
Generic bifurcations of low codimension of planar Filippov Systems
M. Guàrdia, Tere M.Seara, M.A. Teixeira
Abstract,   PDF version (511 KB), 54 pages
Publication: 2011 [pub1001GuaMST]

11. [prepr200911FedB]
Separation of variables and explicit theta-function solution of the classical Steklov--Lyapunov systems: A geometric and algebraic geometric background
Y. Fedorov, I. Basak
Abstract,   PDF version (278 KB), 17 pages
12. [prepr200912Roi-M]
Descent for blow-up’s on smooth schemes
A. Roig-Marganges
Abstract,   PDF version (166 KB), 16 pages

13. [prepr200913MarSMS]
P. Martín, D. Sauzin, T. M. Seara
Resurgence of inner solutions for perturbations of the McMillan map
Abstract,   PDF version (452 KB), 47 pages

14. [prepr200914MarSMS]
P. Martín, D. Sauzin, T. M. Seara
Exponentially small splitting of separatrices in the perturbed McMillan map
Abstract,   PDF version (768 KB), 77 pages

15. [prepr200915DelGKP]
Transverse intersections between invariant manifolds of doubly hyperbolic invariant tori, via the Poincaré-Mel'nikov method
Amadeu Delshams, Pere Gutiérrez, Oksana Koltsova, Juan R. Pacha
Abstract,   PDF version (240 KB), 14 pages

Publication: 2010 [pub1001DelGKP]

16. [prepr200916FerG]
A. Ferragut, H. Giacomini
A new algorithm for finding rational first integrals of polynomial vector fields
To appear in Qual. Theory Dyn. Syst
Abstract,   PDF version (140 KB), 11 pages

17. [prepr200917AlvF]
M.J. Álvarez, A. Ferragut
Local behavior of planar analytic vector fields via integrability
Abstract,   PDF version (220 KB), 17 pages

18. [prepr200918GonG]
Some non-standard Sobolev spaces, interpolation and its application to PDE
Maria del Mar Gonzalez, Maria Pia Gualdani
Abstract,   PDF version (160 Kb), 9 pages

19. [prepr200919CacHMPP]
Strong product of graphs: Geodetic and hull number and boundary-type sets
Carmen Hernando, Merce Mora, Ignacio M. Pelayo, José Cáceres, M.Luz Puertas
PDF version (164 Kb), 9 pages

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